May 24, 2022

May - "Mid" wipe update

May - "Mid" wipe update

Hey guys!

We're more than two weeks into wipe now and it's time for an update. A lot has happened this wipe and we have been working hard (a lot of it in the background) to make your wipe as memorable as possible. So what is up then? I mean, the biggest change is probably the added NPC's that we now find across the map.


We have been looking into player patterns and have adjusted a lot of the NPC's (both roaming and monument ones) to try to find a good level that makes it a bit harder - but not too hard. Our goal is to make it a bit more challenging, but at the same time - totally doable. I don't know about you guys, but doing Brad for the millionth time.. It's not much of a challenge, is it? Maybe it will be the first hour of wipe, but as we progress in game it won't be.

So.. instead of adding more PvP for "excitement", we simply went with PvE 3.0. We are constantly looking into the feedback, adjusting and trying to make it as fun as possible for everyone.

Updates on raidable bases

We have been looking into the average amounts of SVD you guys have been collecting and evaluated this with our original thought of the buying of the raidable bases. We've come to the conclusion that it does need some adjustments and they have now been implemented in game. Pricing will from now on be as following:

There has also been an adjustment regarding the rewards and now all bases fully raided now comes with a reward. All participants in the raid will get the reward, not just the "owner" of the raid.

To even this out the hard, expert and nightmare bases that were naturally spawned are now gone from the map. This means that all of the raidable bases now have to be bought with SVD.

Box stacking

You are all now able to stack three boxes on top of each other, which will save you a lot of loot space. It works with both large and small boxes and can be three boxes high. This is super convenient when building loot rooms and we hope all of you will enjoy it.

Yours truly,