March 10, 2022

Last Brad Standing

Last Brad Standing

Hey guys!

So, this week I would like to do a different kind of event, that has never been seen on Sunset Valley earlier. Brad, whom we all know and love would also like to participate this time, side by side with each and every one of our participants. Or.. Maybe not exactly side by side...

So... Have you ever dreamed about actually driving around in your very own Brad? Honestly - who hasn't, right?

This Saturday at 21:00 CET you get your chance! Join in on the fun in AA11. Ofc, this will be totally PvE and the goal is for everyone to destroy each other's tanks and the last tank (and player ofc!). How can this be PvE you say? I say - God mode für alle inside that area. Yes, you read that correctly!

Yes, he is a little hard to control and I'm sure there will be some fuck ups, which is why we will start off with a test round first. After the test round I will spawn in new ones (and this is where I ask you to wait patiently for everyone to get their Brad to wait) for the  actual event.

How do  you control your tank then? Pretty much the same as you control your players:

As some of you may have realised by now, AA11 is the PvP area. This will be changed into an event zone during Saturday night and afterwards it will return to being PvP.

What about a grand prize you say? I say - isn't driving around in your very own Brad a prize enough? Nah, just kidding! Ofc I'll throw in a recycler for the winning tank team, I'll throw in 50 rockets for second place and 20 rockets for third place.  

Good luck!

Yours truly,