July 29, 2023

Happy summer holiday!

Happy summer holiday!
Photo by Ethan Robertson / Unsplash

It's been a while since we last updated the blog - mainly because we haven't been pushing any new content onto you guys and the slight fact that irl has been absolutely crazy. Hope all of you have had the pleasure to enjoy a trip on a tugboat by now. For me it's been a pleasure spending a wipe on our little "yacht" 🚢.

Bad news...

Like the header says, right now we're enjoying some nice summer holidays and unfortunately we won't be able to wipe the server on force wipe in August since we will both be abroad during wipe week. Might sound like one of our silly jokes but unfortunately this is true and there won't be a map vote this wipe.

Good news is - we will however be back to wipe the server in September 🥳

Misfortunes never come alone..

Sunset Valley has been around for more than 2,5 years now and it is an honour being your go to server and we love seeing our players returning month after month. We do have an amazing community that we are very proud of. You guys are always looking out for each other even when we're not around (but let's be honest, what could possibly happen on the server now other than people reading about sparkling unicorn poo in chat? 😅).


Due to us being overwhelmed with irl stuff, increasing costs and the lack of current players, we have made the mutual and extremely hard decision of shutting down our beloved Sunset Valley Rust server after September wipe.

Sad news, we know, but we feel that we can't give it the attention it truly deserves, we prefer to end on top.


Our Discord server will stay but transform its appearance from Sunset Valley Rust into Sunset Valley Gaming. Our good old Rust channels will still be here and we aim to add in some more channels of different games as well so that you guys can continue to discover new worlds together.

Sooo! Let's go out, enjoy the summer and come back with the bang of C4 in September 💪