June 13, 2022

Economics update

Economics update

In our work of balancing this plugin we've now added a few things to the list of how you can get SVD. Please keep in mind that we're still working on this plugin and there may or may not be more stuff coming soon...

Distance Multiplier

So, you will now get a few bonus points when killing stuff at longer range.

x1 <100m

x1,2 101-200m

x1,4  201-300m

x1,6  301-400m

x2,2  >400m


Raiding is really a bitch, right? How would you feel about actually getting some nice SVD from that turret that just killed you twice? *kloooink* Did you hear that? Yeah, it was the sound of your dream just coming true. From now on you will get some SVD for the pain in your butt! Revenge is SWEET tonight.

Shotgun traps

Flame turrets

Auto turrets


Yes, you read correctly. All your already profitable and precious tea berries and hemp just became even more valuable. You will now get 2,5 SVD per harvested crop as well. I don't know about you but I'm planting as you read.. ^^

How does it work? You get money per crop (if you harvest 4 berries you still only get 2,5 SVD) as soon as the plant has yield.

What about clones then? Unfortunately they're not included in the plugin (maybe in the future?), but for now clones give 0, since there is a different between harvesting and cloning in the coding.

Also, btw - clearing a plant gives 0.

Please note that crops growing in the wild are collectables and 0,5 SVD.

Flesh gathering

Time to bring out your flesh.. uhm.. flash light, light up and gather some flesh! Harvesting corpses is now good both for fuel and wallet.

Happy hour

Bored during the night? Go have some fun during happy hour! This has been going on for a while now, but between 22 pm and 6 am (in game) we have a happy hour, which is a multiplier that gives you 1,5 x the SVD you get during this time (raidable bases excluded).