October 20, 2022

Darkness falls

Darkness falls
Image via FacePunch

It's the moooost wonderfull tiiiiime of the.. What? No, that's not right! Or, well.. Soon enough, but first we have a lovely Halloween events to enjoy!

What can we expect?

The Frankenstien table where you can build a scary monster pet and keep close to your warm and loving zombie heart.

Also, it wouldn't be halloween without a nice trick or treat, right? It's time for one of our favourite events! Oh, is it time for the Amazing Maze where you can get a ridiculous amount of loot? NOOO, silly! It's finally time for CANDY COLLECTING!

Will that be done in peace though? I mean, I thought you knew us by now, but this time it's not us. Rumour has it that murderers are joining us. Murd..what? They are NPCs dressed scarecrow and mummy outfits and will randomly spawn near you guys and will try to kill you. Sounds like a nice experience, right?!

Halloween update should be live today, Thursday for us all to enjoy. This means that we will have to do a server update during the evening but there won't be a wipe of any kind.

Sunset Valley Halloween content

Above features are all FacePunch adds to the game, but what are we planning to make your spooky time even spookier? You should know us by now and FacePunch got nothing on us, right? Well, apart from all that pumpkin carving and maybe some spooky base builds we will have a raid race event as well.


Did RustMart just have a little makeover? I think it did? Because.. Where would you else get all the cool spooky stuff to decorate your base with? Apart from raiding, ofc! The tool vending machine has now been updated to a bit more scary approach.

Speed raid event?

Clear your calendar and join in on the raiding on October 29th. The objective will be one of the latest raidbases of the Valley. The bases (Expert) are on us, but we need you to show up on time: 21:00 CET. We'll get back to you with an event on Discord telling you more about location etc.

  • Teamsize max 3 (please leave your current teams and create new ones)
  • Bring own raid mats and maybe a sleeping bag

The team finishing their base first will get free no bag timer for next wipe (on top of all the SVD you will get for actually finishing this Expert base!) so that you can continue raiding with ease. However the event doesn't stop when the first team finish. All teams will be allowed to continue raiding the base (well, at least until server restart when it disappears, but hopefully everyone is finished by then..).

Happy Halloween aaaaand.. Don't forget to hit that subscribe button!