November 17, 2021

Slumber birthday party!

Slumber birthday party!
Photo by Lidya Nada / Unsplash

Hey guys!

This Sunday is my 25th (with a couple of years of experience...) birthday and I would like to celebrate it with you! There will be some fun events, nice loot, some prices and just a lot of fun and I would love for YOU to be there and celebrate with me! Some events are safer than others.. In other words... Bring your nicest jammies and a sleeping bag!

Birthday party build off

Come join in on our build off in Rustfield around Mount Theri (S18-S19-ish). Every participant will get a box of stuff to use for building so it will be equal for everyone. This event starts this evening, there will be boxes placed at Rustmart. To get a code, contact me and let me know you wanna participate. The building period ends at Saturday at 12:00 and then there will be a vote on Discord (#voting channel) and the vote will close on Sunday at 12:00. Teams allowed!

Raid off

Everyone will get the same raidbase and will be raiding for a special item. The first person (no teams!) to find the item will get a god stack of 10.000 gunpowder. The raid off will take place on Saturday afternoon at 15:00. Materials to do the raid will be spawned in. Since I need to know how many bases to spawn etc. I need you to tell me on Friday evening at 21:00 if you will participating. I will post in #event channel where these raidbases will be since it is depending on the amount of participants.

Last man standing

Come as you are (naked that is), place a bag close and enjoy the party. Start at the top, stand on the twig floor as your opponents are trying to shoot the twig beneath you. Last man standing (the last one to hit the HQM floor on the ground floor) will get 5000 smelted sulfur. This event will take place on Saturday at 21:00. This lovely tower is situated in R19. We will provide what you need for the event.

Community vs heli(s?)

At 23:00 on Saturday we meet up at large oilrig and start off by slaying all the scientists. When that is done I will call for heli(s?). Bring your finest piece of armor and weapon and ammo of your choice and let us take them down together.

Don't forget to let me know if you'll be joining in on the fun!