April 13, 2023

Auto fuel!

Auto fuel!

Too lazy to go around putting fuel in all of your lanterns and tuna can lamps for that cozy base feeling? Yes, that can be some tedious work and of course we got you covered! Fill up your TC with LGF and see all of your deployed LFG using entities (list further down) slowly munch it straight out of there instead.

Currently supplying:

  • lanterns
  • tuna can lamps
  • chinese lanterns
  • fog machines
  • snow machines
  • small generators

How to

You need to turn the lanterns (or whatever entity you chose to use) on manually and then they stay on until you either turn them off or you run out of LGF in your TC.

If you already have fuel in the entity it will consume that first and then go for what is in the TC (so you won't have to go take out what you've already put in there).

Make sure to get Auto Fuel in your [SKILL] today!

Do you have an idea of your own? Publish it in our 💡ideas channel on Discord and we will have a look!